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We offer you the best product quality and services on top of our excellect commercial offers.

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The Man Behind the success of Gulf Gasket Factory

Gulf Gasket Factory managed to represent prestigious clients all over the region on top of the line in producing high quality gasket products.

  • Close supervision on the on going operation in the factory
  • Personal interaction to create a healty bond with clients
  • Bringing inovation and upgrading the products and services quality
  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity and responsibility
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Our Products

Spiral Wound Gasket
Meta Jacket Gasket
Cut Gasket
Heat Exchanger
Ring Joint
O Ring
Gland Packing
Insulation Kit


Best Quality Products

We provide the best quality of the products to our valuable customers.

High End Machine

Our high end machine are super powerful to boost us in the production.

Skilled Experts

In Gulf Gasket Factory we help everyone to be a skilled and expert in their work.

Affordable Price

We qoute with the best affordable and resonable price to our customer.


of gaskets. Our expertise in sealing applications ensures that our clients are provided with the optimal solution for their industrial fluid sealing products. Whether it's manufactured by us or one of the industry-leading manufacturers that we represent, when Fluid Sealing Products is provided, we ensure our clients to get the best products. Our service is complimented with competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.

Experience Years
Happy clients
Finished Projects
Skilled Experts
Helpful Elements

Our products are manufactured with our highly skilled labourers and exprienced technical personnel.

Experience Quality Engineer

QC Engineer closely monitor the production to ensure high quality products.

Well Documented

Our documents are well written and provided as per customer requriment.

Few innovations

Some of our new updates
For better Services

Process Mapping

We follow the ISO standards set forth based in our manual procedures.


We follow the ISO standards set forth based in our manual procedures.

Research and Development

Our technical team continue on their search for product development.

Risk Based Integrity

The non confomanence of the product are taken cared by our technical staffs for immidiate response and solution.


Handelling the product from Manufacturing to distribution.

Customer Satisfaction

We try our best to meet the expectations of our clients for high quality and services

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We update our now and then event and insider of the factory in our lalest blog to show that everyone and every small and big things are valuable to us

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Gulf Gasket Factory has grown steadily through the years in terms of its market share and considered as one of the key players in the gasket industry.

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